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Measure in Gallons Or Liters!

“The Kegcheck is simply the most effective device around for measuring our draft beer”

Houlihan’s Restaurant
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Over 20,000 Keg Checks sold to customers like:

Is lower profit today the result of yesterday’s missing draft beer?

  Learn how much is in the keg with the Keg Check keg measuring scale, a unique piece of equipment which makes draft beer measuring a cinch.

“At Houlihan’s Restaurants we pride ourselves on accurate record keeping,which includes inventory control – the Keg Check is simply the most effective device around for measuring…our draft beer inventory.”

 -Scott Multer Beverage Operations Manager; Houlihan’s Restaurants Inc.

“Saving as little as one ‘free’ beer an hour means you can be up by $250 per month.”

Kegcheck for draft beer kegs

With the ongoing economic woes most bar and restaurant owners and managers must do more and more detailed analysis of bottom line profits. This has typically always included liquor monitoring, but ever more popular is the practice of monitoring and controlling draft beer inventory. This is a challenge, since the kegs are heavy & you need to limit the number of times that your staff need to lift the kegs (no one wants a back injury!) There are flow-control products but most are either prohibitively expensive or not very accurate or reliable. This is where the Kegcheck comes into its own – a simple hand-held scale that clips onto the edge of a standard keg – you then use the integral handle to tilt the keg, and a calibrated scale on the same handle shows you how many gallons are in the keg. It just doesn’t get any easier!