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Weighing kegs can be a problem – use a Keg Check hand-held measuring scale!

by Kegcheck USA 05 Jun 2014 in KegCheck Articles Comments: 0

If you’re looking for an easy-to-implement low-cost solution to your draft beer inventory control problem, look no further! For under $200 you’re getting a draft beer keg scale that will last for years, pay for itself in weeks (sometimes days!), and make you wonder how you lived without it.

With a Keg Check there are no weekly commissions or pay-as-you-go system, no complicated computer readouts, and anyone can be trained to use it in seconds. In other words, the ideal solution for a busy bar or restaurant manager.

If you’re considering any kind of keg meter, flow control system or keg scale to see how much beer is in the keg, there are lots of choices – but few that will actually tell you how much beer is left in the keg, and none as simple to use as the Keg Check. It’s a way to weigh beer so you can keep track of draft beer inventory & boost your bar profit.

Take control of your draft beer inventory – keg weighing is simple with the Keg Check keg scale.

Draft beer inventory control company

by Kegcheck USA 26 May 2014 in KegCheck Articles Comments: 0

The hospitality business has always been beleaguered by draft beer losses – loss resulting from spillage, bad pours, staff ‘helping themselves’ and ‘freebies’ to a friend or to increase tips. All of which eats into your bar profit. Estimates have put the number loss as high as 25% – a startling one in every four kegs poured! Despite this, draft beer sales are still one of the most profitable categories on-premise (draft beer can regularly yield over 75% profit), and draft beer is a key ingredient of any bar or restaurant operation. So the challenge is to find keg beer equipment that will let you find out how much beer is in a keg – i.e. a beer measure or keg meter / keg scale that is both easy to use & practical for a busy bar operation.

Keg Check focuses in on this issue, and offers restaurant & bar operators with an ideal tool to implement a beer control program and increase your bar profit. The Keg Check can literally pay for itself in weeks – even days in some cases – And it will last for years.

With so many solutions out there to check draft beer – keg meters, keg scales, flow-control products, digital scales & so on – how do you pick the right one? The simple answer is ‘keep it simple’ – Do you really want the hassle of calling tech support people when your draft beer measuring system is acting up or just stops working?

The Keg Check is a simple keg scale – and as such will be one of your most valued pieces of draft beer equipment. It clips on the edge of a keg, you use it to tilt the keg & a scale on the handle tells you how many gallons are in the keg. Keg weighing doesn’t get any easier than this.


Measure your draft beer with a Keg check hand-held measuring scale

by Kegcheck USA 23 Mar 2014 in KegCheck Articles Comments: 0

There are many draft beer flow-control & pour-control systems on the market – all expensive, taking a long time to recover your investment (and hence boost your bar profit), and often plagued with problems because they are complex systems. And they often still miss one vital ingredient – how much beer is actually in the keg! So your POS system says you’ve sold 50 pints, your draft keg flow control system says you’re pulled 52 pints. But where is the check on these numbers? – the reality is that you still need to know what’s in the keg. If not, it’s like using your ATM card without any idea what balance is in your bank account!

The Keg Check removes all doubt. Taking only seconds per keg, usually with no need to remove the pipes, you can get an accurate measure of the draft beer content (+/- approx. 2 pints). This simplicity & speed of use is vital in the busy bar & restaurant trade. In a business with so many ‘moving parts’ – staff, inventory, customers, suppliers, licensing, inspectors, maintenance, landlords, computer systems, payroll, banking etc. – much of which changes in real time – the last thing the manager needs is a tech-headache from some great new ‘beer measuring system‘. Do you really want to be stuck on a tech support line to a draft-beer flow-control company during Happy Hour? Do you want the staff to know that the new beer-measuring system is “off line” for the weekend, so there’ll be no restriction on giveaways? No? – Then get a Keg Check!

One thing that will certainly make the bartenders pay attention is seeing the owner or manager doing ‘random’ keg weighs on the draft beer. They know you can easily weigh or measure the liquor, count the beer bottles and wine bottles. But the draft beer is the vague area with no simple control – until now!

So get control of your keg beer and reclaim your draft beer profits – get a Keg Check today!

More than just a keg scale

by Kegcheck USA 20 Jan 2014 in KegCheck Articles Comments: 0

Need to weigh beer kegs? Need some kind of draft beer measure? You’ve looked at beer keg supplies companies? Done web searches forkeg beer equipment? You may have looked at keg meters and draft beer flow control systems. The bottom line is that you need to boost your draft beer profit (and hence your bar profit). Your search is over.

A keg scale (of which there are different, usually expensive choices available) will weigh the keg, telling you how many gallons/pints/fluid ounces are in there. But more important than this, a draft beer inventory checking scale will let the staff know that they can’t give your beeraway for free! This is the crucial element to good beer inventory control. Typically the bartenders take for granted that they can’t give away too much liquor – it’s measured or weighed regularly & the shortage will quickly be spotted. Same goes for wine, and bottled beers, which are fast items to count. But your draft beer could be where your biggest losses are, and in turn your biggest potential to increase your bar profitsfast!

The Keg Check keg scale allows you to check your draft beer levels – accurate to within a couple of pints – at any time, taking only seconds per keg. Remember, it’s important that the bartenders know you’re checking. Some organizations write the inventory on a chart on the wall of the cooler for all to see – starting levels, shift-change levels, POS sales & any shortages. This level of visibility will put your draft beer profit back where it belongs – in your pocket!

Keg Check USA -The draft beer keg measuring solution.!

by Kegcheck USA 16 Oct 2013 in KegCheck Articles Comments: 0

Keg Check USA is the only company offering a simple long-lasting solution to measure your draft beer inventory. Period. There are ‘keg weighing scale‘ solutions which are more expensive (& can be a major pain to use- can your bartenders or bar manager physically pick up each keg & move it onto a weighing scale, then pick it up & put it back on the floor or shelf-rack? For each keg, at each stock-check?)

In considering draft beer equipment, you may use an expensive draft beer flow control system – so you’ll know what has come out of the tap – maybe. But what if the calibration is slightly wrong or develops a common fault? Next thing you know the system is saying ‘time to change the keg‘ but it turns out you still have a gallon in there! – Can you afford to throw that gallon away? The Keg Check is the ultimate ‘check & balance’ for a draft beer flow control system.

Want to know how much is left in the draft beer keg? – Be certain – get a Keg Check!

Keep control of your draft beer inventory

by Kegcheck USA 05 Feb 2013 in KegCheck Articles Comments: 0

Only you can determine what will be the best practice for checking your beer and liquor inventories. And you need the right tools to do the job. Keg Check is just that – a simple to use, reliable, sturdy keg scale that will last for years & pay for itself over & over – the ultimate beer measure.

We’ve had feedback saying that some bar owners put the responsibility for beer inventory control on the bartenders themselves – they have to use the Keg Check to weigh the beer, fill in the inventory for each draft (in addition to bottled beer count, wine & liquor) and have this ready at the start of every shift. This takes the pressure off you – the manager or owner – and you only need perform random ‘audits’ to check their figures. This is what good beer control is all about.

This system is sometimes combined with giving the bartenders a ‘budget’ of free beer – for example 4 pints per shift – which they can use how they please – and if they don’t use it they get to keep the cash equivalent of your cost on the 4 pints! The bottom line is you have to get creative with draft beer inventory control & keep more of your bar profits.

And it all starts with a Keg Check – keg beer equipment at its best. Boost your bar profit & buy one today!

Beer Control.

by Kegcheck USA 15 Jan 2013 in KegCheck Articles Comments: 0

It’s all about knowledge. How much you know about your draft beer inventory allows you to have effective beer control. And good beer control will get you more bar profit – which is what you’re doing all this work for in the first place!

So beer needs a measure of sales & inventory. The most effective method to get a draft beer measure is weighing the keg – but this is not as easy as it sounds, with very heavy kegs & complex tubes & pipes attached all over the place. Until now. The Keg Check beer measure scale puts draft beer control back in your hands – it’s simple to use, you don’t have to pick the whole keg up off the floor, and it’s fast. All of which makes it very effective, which translates into more bar profit for your business.

So what is a Keg Check? It’s simply a hand-held beer keg scale that will give you a simple & fast beer measure on your draft kegs. It’s based on the torque wrench principle – the heavier the keg (more beer), the more force is needed to tilt the keg, so the higher the reading of gallons on the scale. Check out the “how it works” link & you can see a 20 second demo – see just how simple it is to get a quick & accurate beer measure from your draft kegs. You’re on your way to higher bar profits already!